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  • What are the new standards for Bluetooth technology?

    Currently the most widely beats solo used Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR standard Bluetooth headset, this standard has been introduced in 2004, from the emergence of this standard, support for Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR standard products in 2006, a large number of emerged. Although the Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR standard has been technically made a lot of improvements, but some problems still exist, such as from the 1.X standard continuation of the configuration of complex processes and equipment, large power consumption. In order to improve the Bluetooth technology currently exists these problems, Bluetooth SIG organization immediately launched a Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR version of the Bluetooth technology headphones. So in the improved version, in the end what are the advantages?

    First, have a better power saving effect

    Bluetooth 2.1 beats by dre on sale version of the new addition to the Sniff Subrating function, technically by setting the two devices to confirm the transmission interval between the two signals to achieve the purpose of saving power. In general, when there are two Bluetooth devices connected to the standby state, in fact, between the Bluetooth devices still need to call each other to determine whether each other is still online. Of course, it is precisely because of this, the Bluetooth chip must always keep working state, even if the other components of the phone have entered the sleep mode, but the Bluetooth device must remain in the working state. In beats earphones order to improve this situation, the Bluetooth 2.1 device will be the mutual confirmation of the signal transmission interval from the old version of 0.1 seconds extended to the current 0.5 seconds or so, the main words can make the Bluetooth chip workload greatly reduced, you can also let Bluetooth devices have more time to go for a thorough dormancy.

    Second, to improve the device matching process

    Because there are many Bluetooth headset users in the hardware between the Bluetooth pairing problems encountered, they are in the process of pairing, the operation is too complicated, so there is a need to use personal identification code to ensure the security of the connection, So as to improve the connection. The short distance of the pairing, but also have two Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone hardware between the matching and communication transmission NFC mechanism. What is NFC, NFC is a short-range wireless RFID technology, which is in the 1 to 2 meters for short-range online applications, this is based on electromagnetic waves, to replace the traditional radio transmission method. As the NFC mechanism controls the initial detection of the Bluetooth pairing, so when the two devices within the scope to be paired transmission, as long as the simple click beats by dre cheap on the phone screen is not to accept the online on it.

    2017-09-14 20:30:55
  • Professional audio engineering common 8 questions

    In the course of doing professional audio engineering for customers will always encounter a variety of problems, for which, Xiaobian specifically summed up some common problems introduced to you, the following is the specific content:

    1, the signal distribution problem

    In the professional audio project set up several groups of speakers in the case, generally through an equalizer signal distribution to multiple amplifiers and speakers. But also led to a variety of brand models of the amplifier and the speaker mixed use, so that the distribution of signals may lead to various problems, such as impedance is consistent, the average distribution of the level of each group of speakers received power is equal, and the other with a balance It is difficult to adjust the sound field and the frequency characteristics of the speaker.

    2, illustrated equalizer debugging problem

    Common graphic equalizer will appear swallow type, mountain type, wave type three spectral wave shape, the above spectral wave shape is a professional beats earphones audio engineer artificial imagination spectral shape, in fact, is not the actual sound field of the actual needs of the spectral wave shape , It is well known that the ideal spectral waveform is relatively stable and gentle, if artificially by imagination to adjust the spectral curve, we can imagine, the final effect is often counterproductive.

    3, pressure limiter adjustment problem

    In the professional sound engineering common pressure regulator adjustment problem is the pressure limiter does not work or the role of excessive but lead to reaction. The former problem can still be used after the occurrence of the latter problems will lead to serious impact on the sound of the operation of the engineering system, the specific performance is usually the accompaniment of the voice is more vociferous so that the performers do nothing.

    4, the system level adjustment problem

    The first is the amplifier sensitivity control knob is not in place, then the sound system does not perform zero level adjustment. At some point the mixer channel slightly upward sound output increases a lot, this situation will affect the sound system of normal operation and fidelity.

    5, bass signal processing

    A class of problems is not to use electronic frequency directly to the full-frequency signal to the amplifier-driven speaker; the second type of problem is that I do not know from the system where to obtain bass signal for processing. If you do not use the electronic frequency of the direct use of the full-frequency signal to the amplifier to promote the speaker, although the speaker can release the sound will not damage the speaker unit, but alone on its low unit full sound can be imagined; but if not from the system The appropriate location to obtain the bass signal will give the sound engineer's spot operation to bring unnecessary trouble.

    6, the effect of loop processing

    Should take the fader's post-signal, to avoid the effect of out of control caused by the microphone whistle the scene, return to the conditions can take up all the way beats by dre cheap channel, so adjust it easier.

    7, line connection processing

    In the professional audio engineering in the common sound system AC interference is the big line connection processing beats by dr dre is not in place, as well as the system has a balance of imbalance and imbalance to balance the connection, the use must beats by dre on sale meet the standard standards. In addition, professional audio works prohibit the use of inferior connectors.

    8, control problems

    The console is the control center of the sound system. Sometimes the high and low EQ balance on the console is the same.

    2017-09-13 20:13:46
  • Stage lighting sound check up to learn!

    Stage sound of the normal light or not directly affect the performance of the show, so whether professional audio equipment or stage lighting equipment need to do maintenance and maintenance work, the problems of the lines and equipment should be timely maintenance, to avoid accidents appear.

    1, stage sound lighting equipment shell has a charging phenomenon of the inspection order

    Equipment shell check the order of the first charge beats earphones is to check whether the power supply line is damaged, followed by the line phase is correct, followed by the equipment to understand the ground beats by dre studio beats by dre cheap and voltage is correct.

    2, the professional sound system in the case of insufficient volume check the order

    Under normal circumstances if the professional audio equipment in the case of insufficient volume, it is necessary to check the power amplifier and speaker line level settings are correct, followed by the speaker line to understand whether the connection is strong, there is the amplifier and the speaker phase is consistent , Whether the equalizer attenuation range in the normal range, the limit device from the control level is appropriate.

    3, how to check the sound field in the resonance and feedback

    If there is resonance and sound feedback in the professional audio equipment, the first room to check whether there is a peak frequency response, there is to check the room structure and decoration is reasonable, it is best to check the crossover and bass gain is reasonable , Whether the room reverberation time is too long.

    4, the interference noise generated by the inspection method

    Professional audio equipment if there is noise, first of all to check the dimming interference, audio and lighting power is disconnected, followed by the inspection of the light power and control lines are too close from the audio signal line, there is no silicon box from Audio equipment too close to the situation.

    Under normal circumstances there is noisy speaker system, usually due to the transmission of the signal caused by unreasonable circumstances, so when the signal line shielding problems, or the signal is not beats by dre on sale properly grounded, it is prone to noise interference Happening. 5, light out of control check method

    Light out of control first of all to check the controller program is no problem, the address of the lamp has no problem, the control line connection is not correct, there is a need to check the control line of the shield has not been bad interference, lamp limit Whether the adjustment is appropriate.

    6, computer light bulb damage check

    In the stage sound is the most prone to light bulb is bad, so there is a problem, it is necessary to check the installation of the light bulb is not reliable, there is no dust and moisture, there is to check the bulb heat is not in the normal range , It is best to check whether the voltage is within the normal range, there is no use of the power switch is too frequent.

    7, audio and video systems in the video image inspection

    If the professional audio equipment in the video image is not normal, first of all need to check the program standard is not in the correct range, the device shell is not charged situation, followed by check the signal shielding is not susceptible to high interference , It is best to check whether the projection tube in the normal range, the performance of the LCD projection lamp has no problem.

    8, professional audio equipment in the wireless microphone sound instability

    If the wireless microphone is unstable, first of all to check where the sound instability is due to the system caused by high-frequency interference sources, or antenna connection error, the receiver fine-tuning, microphone battery power and other connected equipment problems of.

    2017-09-12 20:22:40
  • How to eliminate the noise in the common sound reinforcement system

    The sound reinforcement system consists of sound reinforcement equipment and sound field, mainly including the sound source and its surrounding sound environment, the sound into the electrical signal of the microphone, signal amplification and signal processing equipment, transmission lines, the signal into a sound signal speaker And the acoustic environment of the audience area. But also to the original sound processing, so that the listening effect to achieve the desired effect of a means. Sound system will have a lot of problems in the use of audio noise is the most headache, the three common aspects: the noise generated by power equipment, the noise generated by external electrical equipment and the system itself to analyze the noise. This phenomenon occurs in a variety of equipment, the public power supply, some adjustable lighting changes are not achieved by changing the voltage, but with electronic circuits to control the thyristor conduction rate, with the control of the waveform area of ??the AC method to control the output power, Thus changing the light and shade. This method will make noise in the sound reinforcement. In view of this phenomenon, it is recommended that the use of lighting and sound reinforcement system separately. The occurrence of clutter interference in the grid can also cause such a situation, because our household electricity and industrial electricity are parallel in the national grid in a system. Industrial electricity consumption will be relatively large lead to lower voltage and unpredictable noise sources.

    This can be combined with a regulated power supply to solve the problem of power supply noise. The voltage regulator maintains the voltage at 220V, and the electromagnetic circuit in the regulator can eliminate some of the noise waves in the power supply. Coupled with the power supply to adjust the voltage is relatively stable, the voltage floating can be corrected to the normal range.

    Noise generated by external radio waves

    For wireless equipment prone to noise phenomenon, we are using a lot of devices are wireless signal beats earbuds connection, it is prone to interference between the signal situation, so the use of wireless audio equipment, first check the wireless device launch and reception The frequency can be adjusted with each other, can effectively avoid those who do not want to encounter the frequency.

    Use the UHF (UHF) frequency band to work in the wireless microphone, the probability of a problem will be smaller. The sound system's grounding point must be independent (not shared with the power supply). If the system input is grounded and the output is also grounded, the noise signal has been amplified and is not easy to be eliminated.

    The system beats by dre cheap itself inherent noise

    In the sound reinforcement system supporting a variety of audio processing peripherals, equipment, with each other on the one hand to better assist the tuning division to complete the sound reinforcement task, on the other hand there are multi-level equipment connection, will also produce electrical noise and impact The quality of sound reinforcement work. For this situation requires the tuner super judgment, to accurately beats by dre sale identify the system noise from which level.

    Filter to identify, boot noise, first cut off the microphone receiver power, if there is still noise, you can rule out;

    And then through the mixer on the channel in turn cheap beats by dr dre turn off the CAIN (gain) knob to find out where the noise on the location, if all the input channels are off and no noise, then the next step; turn off the mixer power, So that the entire mixer, including bus, marshalling, return, auxiliary, master control, intercom and oscillation and other systems were investigated; if there is noise, and then check the peripheral equipment, that is, exciter, pressure limiter, feedback suppression Devices, equalizers, dividers, effects and amplifiers. This work is very cumbersome, to judge one by one, in determining the noise from which equipment and then processed. "In the course of a meeting or speech, there is absolutely no feedback whistle, and the tuner is best to mark the screams on the mixer and keep a safe distance from the work. To the main podium location prevail, here to listen to the effect to ensure the best, in the performance before the sound division is best in these seats audition, and understand the emergency backup power will be how to provide, and to ensure that the person in charge of field power supply, In the event of a power outage to immediately use the correct approach to strive to minimize the loss.

    2017-09-11 20:25:25
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