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Young to vitality, wireless headset music carry it

For the young family of tide men, toss is to avoid the tense of the best state. Especially in our usual fitness, with a wireless Bluetooth headset to send boring sports time, will give you add more fun. Nordic streamline design aesthetics and technology charm in one of the wireless Bluetooth headset, sound quality details, natural and real, strong sense of atmosphere, for every day travel to create immersive music experience. After the master tuning of this master movement of the Bluetooth headset, with a fever-level sound aesthetics. Tri-band output to meet the fever class music lovers. Using micron-level material diaphragm, so that the headset has a better transient response, resolution and reduction of high, suitable for the public to wear. Sports headphones, necklace style cleverly into the headset into which science and technology and fashion dance, breaking the traditional design of the headset, more tide men unruly fashion taste. Super strong more sound quality for your daily travel to bring sound quality. Dual-system sports headphones, apples, Andrews system can be beats by dre sale easily accessed with a simple match. Streamlined line design, at one go, simple fashion wind was significant. Built-in strong battery, charging 2 hours can listen to songs 7 hours, standby time beats headphones beats solo on sale is longer, suitable for public use.

Wireless Bluetooth design of this sporty headset, adding a comfortable line control function and noise reduction MIC, any key can be beats by dre on sale achieved to answer the phone function, so that the operation of the Bluetooth headset close to copper wire headphones, regardless of sports or leisure can be convenient use. With a very good waterproof function of the Bluetooth headset, the use of traditional ergonomic design, ear hanging design to avoid the stethoscope effect, preferably high-end material, comfortable and lightweight, wearing a solid fit, and restore the sound quality is excellent, bring you quality Music experience.