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Stage lighting sound check up to learn!

Stage sound of the normal light or not directly affect the performance of the show, so whether professional audio equipment or stage lighting equipment need to do maintenance and maintenance work, the problems of the lines and equipment should be timely maintenance, to avoid accidents appear.

1, stage sound lighting equipment shell has a charging phenomenon of the inspection order

Equipment shell check the order of the first charge beats earphones is to check whether the power supply line is damaged, followed by the line phase is correct, followed by the equipment to understand the ground beats by dre studio beats by dre cheap and voltage is correct.

2, the professional sound system in the case of insufficient volume check the order

Under normal circumstances if the professional audio equipment in the case of insufficient volume, it is necessary to check the power amplifier and speaker line level settings are correct, followed by the speaker line to understand whether the connection is strong, there is the amplifier and the speaker phase is consistent , Whether the equalizer attenuation range in the normal range, the limit device from the control level is appropriate.

3, how to check the sound field in the resonance and feedback

If there is resonance and sound feedback in the professional audio equipment, the first room to check whether there is a peak frequency response, there is to check the room structure and decoration is reasonable, it is best to check the crossover and bass gain is reasonable , Whether the room reverberation time is too long.

4, the interference noise generated by the inspection method

Professional audio equipment if there is noise, first of all to check the dimming interference, audio and lighting power is disconnected, followed by the inspection of the light power and control lines are too close from the audio signal line, there is no silicon box from Audio equipment too close to the situation.

Under normal circumstances there is noisy speaker system, usually due to the transmission of the signal caused by unreasonable circumstances, so when the signal line shielding problems, or the signal is not beats by dre on sale properly grounded, it is prone to noise interference Happening. 5, light out of control check method

Light out of control first of all to check the controller program is no problem, the address of the lamp has no problem, the control line connection is not correct, there is a need to check the control line of the shield has not been bad interference, lamp limit Whether the adjustment is appropriate.

6, computer light bulb damage check

In the stage sound is the most prone to light bulb is bad, so there is a problem, it is necessary to check the installation of the light bulb is not reliable, there is no dust and moisture, there is to check the bulb heat is not in the normal range , It is best to check whether the voltage is within the normal range, there is no use of the power switch is too frequent.

7, audio and video systems in the video image inspection

If the professional audio equipment in the video image is not normal, first of all need to check the program standard is not in the correct range, the device shell is not charged situation, followed by check the signal shielding is not susceptible to high interference , It is best to check whether the projection tube in the normal range, the performance of the LCD projection lamp has no problem.

8, professional audio equipment in the wireless microphone sound instability

If the wireless microphone is unstable, first of all to check where the sound instability is due to the system caused by high-frequency interference sources, or antenna connection error, the receiver fine-tuning, microphone battery power and other connected equipment problems of.