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Professional audio engineering common 8 questions

In the course of doing professional audio engineering for customers will always encounter a variety of problems, for which, Xiaobian specifically summed up some common problems introduced to you, the following is the specific content:

1, the signal distribution problem

In the professional audio project set up several groups of speakers in the case, generally through an equalizer signal distribution to multiple amplifiers and speakers. But also led to a variety of brand models of the amplifier and the speaker mixed use, so that the distribution of signals may lead to various problems, such as impedance is consistent, the average distribution of the level of each group of speakers received power is equal, and the other with a balance It is difficult to adjust the sound field and the frequency characteristics of the speaker.

2, illustrated equalizer debugging problem

Common graphic equalizer will appear swallow type, mountain type, wave type three spectral wave shape, the above spectral wave shape is a professional beats earphones audio engineer artificial imagination spectral shape, in fact, is not the actual sound field of the actual needs of the spectral wave shape , It is well known that the ideal spectral waveform is relatively stable and gentle, if artificially by imagination to adjust the spectral curve, we can imagine, the final effect is often counterproductive.

3, pressure limiter adjustment problem

In the professional sound engineering common pressure regulator adjustment problem is the pressure limiter does not work or the role of excessive but lead to reaction. The former problem can still be used after the occurrence of the latter problems will lead to serious impact on the sound of the operation of the engineering system, the specific performance is usually the accompaniment of the voice is more vociferous so that the performers do nothing.

4, the system level adjustment problem

The first is the amplifier sensitivity control knob is not in place, then the sound system does not perform zero level adjustment. At some point the mixer channel slightly upward sound output increases a lot, this situation will affect the sound system of normal operation and fidelity.

5, bass signal processing

A class of problems is not to use electronic frequency directly to the full-frequency signal to the amplifier-driven speaker; the second type of problem is that I do not know from the system where to obtain bass signal for processing. If you do not use the electronic frequency of the direct use of the full-frequency signal to the amplifier to promote the speaker, although the speaker can release the sound will not damage the speaker unit, but alone on its low unit full sound can be imagined; but if not from the system The appropriate location to obtain the bass signal will give the sound engineer's spot operation to bring unnecessary trouble.

6, the effect of loop processing

Should take the fader's post-signal, to avoid the effect of out of control caused by the microphone whistle the scene, return to the conditions can take up all the way beats by dre cheap channel, so adjust it easier.

7, line connection processing

In the professional audio engineering in the common sound system AC interference is the big line connection processing beats by dr dre is not in place, as well as the system has a balance of imbalance and imbalance to balance the connection, the use must beats by dre on sale meet the standard standards. In addition, professional audio works prohibit the use of inferior connectors.

8, control problems

The console is the control center of the sound system. Sometimes the high and low EQ balance on the console is the same.