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Power amplifier and speaker connection

This should be very familiar with everyone, but to pay special attention: in the signal amplifier signal line to try to use the balance line, so you can minimize the noise. A lot of sound division like to put all the way or two signal lines to more than one amplifier, but if more than four amplifiers, it is recommended to use the signal amplifier to remove the number of enough, no attenuation of the signal line for each amplifier to use alone, This can reduce system noise, reduce hidden dangers, improve signal to noise ratio. In the power transmission, try to use thick, short speaker lines and beats by dre studio the use of reasonable wiring to shorten the distance from the speaker line, and then a certain attention to the positive and negative, to avoid short circuit.

Device connection need to pay attention to the problem:

1, pay attention to power: audio equipment to have a dedicated power supply, and light to separate the power, and the light like a little lower voltage, but the sound will have to standard voltage. With a dedicated power supply, but also a stable and reliable power outlet, you can try to use the "power sequencer", although the cost increases but improve the stability and ease of use. In short: the right, secure connection to all audio equipment is essential. Another point to note: some imported equipment power supply part will have 110V and 220V choice switch, in our country, be sure to confirm the choice of 220V position can be connected when the power.

2, pay attention to the equipment of the ground: the right to all the audio equipment to connect the ground is very important, good grounding can reduce the interference beats by dre sale of equipment signal transmission, improve equipment stability. It should be noted that the grounding wire beats by dre cheap in accordance with the grounding standard to do, that is buried in the underground part of the conductor to rust, contact is better, buried deep, and three-phase power cord can not be configured with the ground wire shared, so Not only will not reduce the sound system noise, but also easy to damage the device.

3, pay attention to select the appropriate connection signal line: a sound device, we can use XLR XLR balance line to connect do not use TRS balance line connection; can use TRS balance line connection do not use TS mono unbalanced Line; there is no way to use TS mono unbalanced line connection device.

4, pay attention to the signal of the reverse and short circuit: signal line short circuit often cause silent failure, check it is very troublesome, unless a signal line removed with a multimeter detection Caixing, so the welding line to be particularly careful.

5, pay attention to the length of the signal line: in the connection equipment, to try to use a shorter signal line, one to save costs, and second to reduce line resistance and interference. Under normal circumstances, the use of balanced transmission of the signal line can be beats by dre sale up to 300 meters long, and non-balanced line can not do long-distance transmission.

6, pay attention to the level of equipment: If the device rear panel with +4 and -10 or -20 level switch conversion, under normal circumstances we have to place in the +4 position, this is the standard level.

7, pay attention to pass: a lot of equipment has a through (Bypass) key, through the device when the general does not work, so we should pay attention to check the button, or if we let the compressor does not work, The device behind the stopper has lost its protection.

8, careful misuse: As the equipment, more keys, so often prone to misuse, such as: There are some electronic frequency divider has a " 10" button, we should not be careful to press it. For example, if we adjust the crossover point at 200Hz, press this button 200 10 becomes 2000Hz, so be sure to avoid misuse.