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Little Bluetooth headset, let your office entertainment correct!

Bluetooth headset is the Bluetooth beats by dre on sale technology used in the hands-free headphones, so that users can get rid of annoying wires tied, free to freely call in a variety of ways. Since the advent of the Bluetooth headset, has been a good tool for the promotion of business efficiency. Mono Bluetooth Headset: Single ear Bluetooth headset for wireless compact style, can be directly worn on the ear, the main function is to answer and hang up the call, you can control the volume adjustment. Stereo Bluetooth Headset: Stereo Bluetooth headset with neck hanging, headset, clip, glasses and other styles, and which neck and clip and other styles are wired Bluetooth headset. True wireless Bluetooth headset: true wireless Bluetooth headset and the traditional Bluetooth headset is the biggest difference between the use of Multiplexlink multi-point wireless interconnect technology. Bluetooth transmission on the audio stream can be transmitted in cheap beats two cheap beats by dr dre ways: via the PCM interface, via analog UART. Bluetooth headset is widely used in language learning; used to listen to music; used to listen to the news; used to answer the phone, for our work and study to provide a lot of convenience! Bluetooth technology is the best solution for wireless headphones, intelligent devices in the beats solo rapid development of today, the future growth of Bluetooth technology is very large space. Bluetooth headset will follow this wave to promote the popularity of wireless audio process. Although China's current Bluetooth headset brand a lot, but many details of the processing results are not perfect, only from the user's point of view, in order to create a product favored by users. So now for now, Bluetooth headset has a huge space for development.