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How to eliminate the noise in the common sound reinforcement system

The sound reinforcement system consists of sound reinforcement equipment and sound field, mainly including the sound source and its surrounding sound environment, the sound into the electrical signal of the microphone, signal amplification and signal processing equipment, transmission lines, the signal into a sound signal speaker And the acoustic environment of the audience area. But also to the original sound processing, so that the listening effect to achieve the desired effect of a means. Sound system will have a lot of problems in the use of audio noise is the most headache, the three common aspects: the noise generated by power equipment, the noise generated by external electrical equipment and the system itself to analyze the noise. This phenomenon occurs in a variety of equipment, the public power supply, some adjustable lighting changes are not achieved by changing the voltage, but with electronic circuits to control the thyristor conduction rate, with the control of the waveform area of ??the AC method to control the output power, Thus changing the light and shade. This method will make noise in the sound reinforcement. In view of this phenomenon, it is recommended that the use of lighting and sound reinforcement system separately. The occurrence of clutter interference in the grid can also cause such a situation, because our household electricity and industrial electricity are parallel in the national grid in a system. Industrial electricity consumption will be relatively large lead to lower voltage and unpredictable noise sources.

This can be combined with a regulated power supply to solve the problem of power supply noise. The voltage regulator maintains the voltage at 220V, and the electromagnetic circuit in the regulator can eliminate some of the noise waves in the power supply. Coupled with the power supply to adjust the voltage is relatively stable, the voltage floating can be corrected to the normal range.

Noise generated by external radio waves

For wireless equipment prone to noise phenomenon, we are using a lot of devices are wireless signal beats earbuds connection, it is prone to interference between the signal situation, so the use of wireless audio equipment, first check the wireless device launch and reception The frequency can be adjusted with each other, can effectively avoid those who do not want to encounter the frequency.

Use the UHF (UHF) frequency band to work in the wireless microphone, the probability of a problem will be smaller. The sound system's grounding point must be independent (not shared with the power supply). If the system input is grounded and the output is also grounded, the noise signal has been amplified and is not easy to be eliminated.

The system beats by dre cheap itself inherent noise

In the sound reinforcement system supporting a variety of audio processing peripherals, equipment, with each other on the one hand to better assist the tuning division to complete the sound reinforcement task, on the other hand there are multi-level equipment connection, will also produce electrical noise and impact The quality of sound reinforcement work. For this situation requires the tuner super judgment, to accurately beats by dre sale identify the system noise from which level.

Filter to identify, boot noise, first cut off the microphone receiver power, if there is still noise, you can rule out;

And then through the mixer on the channel in turn cheap beats by dr dre turn off the CAIN (gain) knob to find out where the noise on the location, if all the input channels are off and no noise, then the next step; turn off the mixer power, So that the entire mixer, including bus, marshalling, return, auxiliary, master control, intercom and oscillation and other systems were investigated; if there is noise, and then check the peripheral equipment, that is, exciter, pressure limiter, feedback suppression Devices, equalizers, dividers, effects and amplifiers. This work is very cumbersome, to judge one by one, in determining the noise from which equipment and then processed. "In the course of a meeting or speech, there is absolutely no feedback whistle, and the tuner is best to mark the screams on the mixer and keep a safe distance from the work. To the main podium location prevail, here to listen to the effect to ensure the best, in the performance before the sound division is best in these seats audition, and understand the emergency backup power will be how to provide, and to ensure that the person in charge of field power supply, In the event of a power outage to immediately use the correct approach to strive to minimize the loss.