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Headset so that life is more durable!

In modern life, wearing a headset into a small partner new life habits, listening to the music everywhere can not do without it. Can not just buy long headphones inexplicable is not easy to use what the ghost, headphones "short-lived" reason is what? How can I extend the life of the headset? The quality of the headset is not bad, did not fall into the water is always inexplicable, if the pro headphones often appear this situation may be in the following recipe! Headphones are divided into ear, hanging ear and headset three, small partners in addition to choose a good sound quality headphones to reduce the damage to the ears, but also according to the size of the ear and the size of the head to choose. Double 60 "principle is beats by dre the more internationally recognized method of hearing. In the use of headphones, the volume should not be too large, it is recommended not to exceed the maximum volume of 60%, according to their own situation, the volume cheap beats headphones will be lower .In addition, Continuous use of headphones should not be more than 60 minutes to wear headphones to sleep not only lead to prolonged music to damage the eardrum, and in the sleeping state prone to headset compression and damage to beats solo the ear.

Headphones have rustle or only one side of the sound, it is not suitable for the use of the headset, if you continue to use, for a long time may affect the hearing imbalance.