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Good for your ears, high quality Bluetooth speakers

Modern life rhythm too fast, life stress, work stress, a long time will lead people to depression, feeling irritable. Music can play a relief of fatigue, refreshing the role of mind, but also to ease the negative emotions. After working open the Bluetooth speakers to play their favorite songs, tired of working day gradually dissipated. Music can make me quiet, music can let me think, but the quality of the playback equipment for us have a very important impact, good sound quality of the speaker clean, and some poor speakers not only more pleasant and more irritable, and a long time on the ears There are also injuries. Speaker with a simple design, round and lightweight, at home every corner is like a work of art. Anodized aluminum housing with polymer polymer base, durable wear, dust, splash, anti-skid effect. Whether it is travel or party are very practical. Leather material and nameplate design all of a sudden to enhance the grid.

Making the music has a strong three-dimensional, while the proliferation of sound can reach 360 degrees. Speaker built-in microphone can be used for hands-free calls, and because the bottom of the speaker design, you can speak anywhere in the microphone, the other can hear very clearly. Speakers using passive dual-mode resonance technology, through the two small cone-shaped unit, resulting in a rich and full, natural and realistic music. One-piece beats by dre cheap aluminum shell, design style bias tough. With up to 10 hours of battery beats by dre beats by dre sale studio life, and support for hands-free calls. A good speaker whether it is visual or cheap beats hearing is a kind of enjoyment, for their own ears quickly choose a good speaker it.