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Entry-level headset to how to choose?

Play before the king just into the pit, a lot of people around me a lot of headphones. There are head-mounted, there are ear-type, active noise reduction, but also bone conduction ... ... has been always pulling the type of headphones, but now it seems novice fancy or sound quality, it actually Is a high-quality music standard, the full name is "high-resolution audio" the easiest to understand that this is a better than the CD effect of audio. The sound is very balanced. For different types of music, but also to show the corresponding results. Both the moving ring should be surging, not moving iron itself delicate. In the performance of the human voice, although not very prominent. But it will not be hoarse and dry, for the price of the headset, has been considered a good performance. In addition to good sound quality beats by dre on sale performance, it also has a certain noise reduction effect. May not be more than active noise reduction headphones, but also can play a good sound insulation effect. It will not be as cumbersome as other sports headphones, wearing a long time will not feel tired and discomfort. Especially in the night when wearing a song, especially with a sense.

We all know that the sound is produced by vibration. So whether it is moving headphones, or moving speakers, are using current through the moving coil, cheap beats driven by vibration film sound. And double dynamic beats earphones ring headphones, a bit like a combination of multi-speakers, can voice more surging, shocking. Bass part of the texture is good, have a strong sense of energy. Very suitable for listening to a strong sense of rhythm pop. If it is some of the more soothing songs, you can feel the sound layer of the effect of layers, the details are also more comprehensive performance. 120 oblique into the earset design, fit the structure of the human ear canal, wearing no sense of foreign body when there is no Ear brace design, although can not support the strong movement, but in the usual use, is not easy to loose, do not have to walk side earphones. But also can play a certain sound insulation effect, so you beats by dre cheap comfortable immersed in their own small world.